Introducing Generation 30

"Hi, I'm Betsi. In my childhood I found my soul in the woods, communing with trees and collecting plants to dry, imagining they were medicine and magic despite an upbringing firmly rooted in a world where medicine comes from doctors and magic is fake at best and forbidden at worst. In my twenties I found my soul in the deep wilds of Alaska, feeling freedom and safety in the most remote places despite danger and evidence of my own fragility all around. In my thirties, however, it became crucial to bring this presence of self out of the woods and into every day. I had to stop blaming work or culture, etc. etc., for the growing anxiety in me. When I stopped resisting and starting examining the negative feelings swirling in my body, I found that I did not know my purpose, and this was causing me angst. I started a journey to lean into the world around me, rather than escaping it, to find my soul. 

I have a passion for creating spaces and experiences where others can touch magic in themselves and transform. I lead cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dances, tea ceremonies, and personal growth workshops. I also am starting to work one-on-one with women to teach new ways of relating to themselves, others, and the world. 

I still love to spend time in wild places near and far. I work as a science communicator and teach how to share science through stories. I love spending time with people who are living in their edges. My own edge right now is learning how to balance fierce self-reliance with true openness to the love and energy of others. 

I am grateful and excited for this opportunity to share stories with gorgeous, powerful, growing women. See you soon! -Betsi"


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Ticket Info:
Generation Circle: An Intergenerational Storytelling Event
October 5th - 6:00 p.m.
Open Space, Anchorage AK
Ages 13+ 

Please purchase tickets online at

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