Excited to share - Generation 40!

"Jennifer Andrulli is the featured storyteller for the 40s generation in the upcoming intergenerational storytelling event happening October 5th! I am very excited to her her story centered around living an authentic life! Ticket information below.

"My name is Jennifer Andrulli. The stories of my ancestors shaped my life; shaped the very essence of my DNA and gene expression. I grew up learning the stories of intergenerational trauma; in all its beauty and tragedy. So, I could lead an authentic life.

Story has the power and potential to inspire, to remind us we are each on a mythic journey of life. What is our purpose? What is our gift? What do we serve?

I am inspired and renewed in nature, spending as much time as possible in the forests and alpine meadows of Southcentral Alaska. I wildcraft botanicals for health and wellness projects. I love floating and fishing the Kenai River. Long walks and talks with my friends. Most of all I love sitting at sacred fires around the World listening and sharing stories with the Global Village.

I own a Massage Therapy/Traditional Healing Clinic and Retreat Center in Anchorage, Alaska; Traditions in Healing. A multigenerational family business; we provide care for the soul, mind and body. Offering sessions ranging from 1 or 2 hours to retreats lasting 1 to 7 days. With honor and intention we hold space for healing and transformation.

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