Camp Core Routine: Wandering

Most of our time together in nature camp involves the core routine of wandering!

When we wander we learn to focus and trust our senses while following our curiosities and interests. During this time we let nature be our guide. This is often a gentle relief for children who have followed schedules and agendas throughout the school year and want/need the opportunity to just BE. 


The opportunity for personal growth through daily wanderings is immeasurable. Wanders happen in solitude (under my careful watch of course) or as groups, and always offers children rare moments of silence to hear their own voice, spark or breath. These wanderings provoke an abundance of questions, an invitation to learn more, and dive deeper into nature. It allows young minds the opportunity to embrace curiosity, and feel a sense of belonging within the landscape and within a group.

The Wanderings are a cherished part of our core routine and a gateway for me to understand who your child is and where they want to go. It is a key ingredient in making long lasting memories.

Core Routine: Morning Circle

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