Do you know of the Anchorage Greenhouse in Russian Jack Park? 

This greenhouse has a special place in my heart! It is where Nature Song Co-op gathered when it was too cold to go outdoors. It holds memories of ten littles ones running around discovering pineapples, fish and ladybugs while mothers were supporting one another. It holds memories of being in community. 

Arriving at the greenhouse today I was flooded with these memories. I miss what we had and the place felt empty without my special people being there. Each one of us are on a different walk of life and the season for this community has changed. 

Lucky for me, while I was sitting there with tears, Kenzie walked into the greenhouse. She had randomly, without knowing the greenhouse’s significance asked to meet there the week before. She saw my tears, gave me a hug and then we sat down and started envisioning something new and wonderful for Nature Song. 

Nature Song was founded on community and my heart yearns for it to continue. I love that many of you, place your children in my care and I am able to explore the inner and outer realms of nature with them through my nature camps, circles and workshop. This is an important part of Nature Song because it fuels me and helps me to expand and reach others. 

The other part of Nature Song has been on rest, waiting for the right timing and it’s coming. I can’t wait to take Nature Song off of Face Book and start interacting with you all in person. That is were the magic happens. Kenzie and I have several wonderful ideas plans to grow community and I can’t wait to share them with you.

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