Flipping Thoughts

So it’s in the single digits in Anchorage today and as I dropped my daughter off at preschool, I realized that I had forgotten her gloves! 

She has a special pair that fit just right and that she can handle without falling into tears. She has sensory issues when it comes to these things which makes it tricky! So the gloves she borrowed from her teacher might or might no not work and as I drove away I started to think the worse.

The worse being….I’m a big hot mess. What’s wrong with me? Why do others have it together and I’m always the one forgetting things?


I started to remember what I taught the girls in my circle a couple of weeks ago. I decided to flip my thoughts.

What did I actually do right?

1. Yesterday, I stopped at REI to buy my daughter a face mask that she could handle. She’s super excited and will be warmer now. WIN!

2. Even though it was a struggle this morning, I convinced my daughter to change out of her short sleeve shirt into a long sleeve one and wear extra warm pants. WIN!

3. I cleaned out the car last night so that it was clear of all the extra things (and that is why she didn’t have her gloves.) 

4. I was calm and collected this morning even though my kids were walking zombies and didn’t want to get up for school. WIN! 

5. My daughter is wearing her glasses, she combed her hair and we did it in cute ponytails! WIN!

6. She’s wearing the special warm wool socks that her teacher suggested the day before and it wasn’t a struggle. WIN!

It’s been one of those days today but what an eye opener to see that I do so much good in comparison to the “bad” and how important it is to focus on these good things! 

Hope you all are having a great day today! See the good people! There’s so much of it out there.