My Idea Behind Generation Circle

My name is Amy Rupp and I am the creator of both Generation Circle and Nature Song. I’ve been organizing community gatherings for the last three years and love bringing people together in different ways…from playful gatherings on the mud flats to intimate empowerment circles for girls.

My desire with Generation Circle is bring to Anchorage a collaborative platform for individuals of different ages and backgrounds to come together. Many of us are craving connection and experiences that spark something deep within us. I want to create space for this.

The upcoming storytelling event is just the beginning and I am stepping into this vision with my whole heart and leaping into the unknown. This is me living the theme to our first storytelling event: Living a Wildly Authentic Life. This is me putting myself out there to shift the conversation and change our current culture. 

I’m learning as I go and realizing there is a whirlwind of things that are needed for this to happen. a website, collaborating meetings, creating posts…it is all very exciting but what is needed the most is you. 

If what I’m doing sparks something inside of you, I ask that you open yourself to joining me at our first gathering October 5th at Open Space.

Together we can create a new story!

Amy Rupp