Day Three - My Favorite Day

I’ve been thinking about boredom. Lately my husband has been taking the kids to Seward to his parents and I’ve been staying home for some alone time. What I notice about myself is that I spend the first two hours on my phone looking at FB or Instagram…then I pop over to watch an hour (or more) of Netflix. After finally sucking myself out of a technology induced void…I become a little bored and this is where the magic happens. 

I start to sink into just being with myself. 

No talking…usually in nature. I might have a solo dance party or paint. I often journal and ideas for Nature Song start to explode in my mind. It’s amazing. 

I noticed by day 3 of my nature camps, this happens to most of the kiddos. They arrive at camp the first day and we explore, run, jump, climb, dig and GET DIRTY. The same goes for the second day…but by day 3 everyone is a little tired and way more chill.  

This is when I find kiddos sitting in waist tall grass staring into the sky or when I see them sit on the mud flats and come up with little driftwood contraptions. Their imaginations start to come out a well as their unique personalities. This day is full of team-work and knock-knock jokes…it’s perfect! 

I love the crazy energy of the first two days but feel deeply that my nature camps are all about the third day…finding a resting place where kids can just be. They might consider the first two days crazy fun but there is something special about the third day that they might not understand at first but feel deeply.

Amy Rupp