Amy Rupp

Tell us a bit about your journey prior to Nature Song?

I’ve always been a dreamer and have wanted to use my abilities to help others.

For awhile, I ignored this side of who I was and trudged towards what I thought was expected of me. Ever so often, I would allow myself to listen to the little voice inside of me that told me to follow my heart.

From a marketing degree, to becoming a sales agent, and than a public school teacher, and finally my favorite job, a stay at home mum of two, I started moving towards being more inline with my purpose and dreams. My true calling…Nature Song.

Describe your vision and how it is connected to your inner purpose. 

I am a big believer in following what brings you joy. Nature + Beauty + Play + Community + Children + Creating + Singing + Ritual all bring me joy. The more that I have connected with these areas of my life the more I see my purpose in combining them to create inspiring and impactful experiences for others, my family and myself.