I am looking for other mothers who are enthusiastic and ready to put forth the energy to create a special and safe space for their sons to grow and learn about themselves.

- Sharing openly and authentically in circle
- Leading (or Co-leading) one or two circles throughout the year
- This offering is free

I have not set a specific day or time for this circle but am creating an interest list of mothers and sons! Please email me with questions or interest at naturesonganchorage@gmail.com

Group Size: Min. 8 boys and mothers/ Max. 10 boys and mothers
Ages 9 to 12

This circle is based off of the book/curriculum, The Hero’s Heart by Melia Keeton-Digby which brilliantly lays out the curriculum and resources for the year and includes material lists, themed quotes, research around topic, questions to encourage dialog and a planned activity.

Topics Covered