The Pebble Meditation

The Pebble Meditation- Has anyone else heard of it? I love it and have taught it to all my circles including today's circle. 

IMG_7892 2.jpg

The feedback from parents is why I share it so freely! 

A parent told me her daughter was falling asleep faster after doing this mediation. Another parent mentioned that their daughter, on her own went to her room after fighting with her sister to do this mediation and came back calm and ready to work out a solution. I had an thirteen year old share it with her mother after seeing her tired and overwhelmed from work. As well as girls sharing it with their little cousins. It's special. 

Here are a couple links on how to do this mediation with your child. At camp today, we created our own pebble mediation book.…/pebble-meditation-mindfuln…

Amy Rupp