Welcome Brook!

I'm excited to introduce you to Brook Cinocco! When I met Brook, I knew she’d be a perfect addition to Nature Song. Her enthusiasm and joy is contagious and I’m so excited that we are co-leading the upcoming Dance Workshop: An Exploration for Boys and Girls Ages 8 to 13

Here is a fun little bio that she made for us:

“I am a life long Alaskan from a small community in South East, living in Anchorage as I finish my Bachelors degree in Environmental Science and Dance. Growing up, being active and moving my body was always an important part of my day to day, however it wasn't until I was eighteen that I discovered the true healing power of dance. I went to a movement session based on processing emotions and it changed my life. I was able to heal and work through a deep depression. Since then I have been committed to dancing in my personal life and I am incredibly excited to be sharing the joy of movement with others.”

Welcome Brook! I can’t wait for you to share your love of dance with us all!

Amy RuppComment