Questions and Answers for Girls

Who are you? 
My name is Amy Rupp and I live with my husband, Travis and our two children, Ava and Sebastian. My favorite place to be is outdoors. Whether it is sitting by a stream watercoloring or hiking up a tall mountain. I don’t mind getting dirty and will play in the mud or splash in water puddles. I like adventure. 

I was a teacher for a long time and worked at three schools around town, Gladys Woods, Ptarmigan and Abbott Loop Elementary. Now I lead kids into the woods and meet with girls sharing lessons about living a heartfelt and joyful life. 

Where will the circle be held? 
At my home in South Anchorage. It’s easier to have it at my house as we have everything we need there. In warmer weather we will meet in my backyard surrounded by flowers and vegetables. As it gets cooler, we will meet indoors. Both spaces will be made special for our time together. I love to make things beautiful. 

What is a Girl Circle? 
A Girl Circle is a space for girls to hang out together. It is a space for girls to be themselves as there is no judgments, no mean talk, just girls supporting each other. The session will be broken into three parts; the talking part, the active part and the creative part. 


What are the lessons, the talking part? 
We will learn about Well-Being, which basically means Being Well! We will look at the four things that go into making us feel healthy and happy –emotional, social, physical and spiritual well-being. This will happen sitting on the floor in a circle where everyone can share, talk and ask questions. Girls will learn from each other – it’s not all about me talking. If you don’t feel like talking that is fine too, you can say pass. There is no pressure. You only do what you want to. 

What’s the active part? 
We have a fun games to share with you. Sometimes we will do yoga or meditation. We might dance or sing. 

What’s the creative part? 
This will be linked with the lesson. I have art supplies and materials to share with you. We will draw, paint or create something with our hands in most sessions. 

Do parents stay? 
No. Whoever drops you off, doesn’t stay. This is a special time for you. 

What if I really like the circle? Will you be doing more? 
Yes! I will be offering circles in the fall, winter, and spring as well as fun gatherings like Mother/Daughter Circles, Saturday workshops and nature dates. In the summer, I plan to run a camp just for girls (alongside my current nature camps.) 

How many girls will be there? 
There will be between 6 and 12 girls. 

Will girls talk about it at school? 
We will have group rules that we will talk about at the first session and one of them is:

No sharing of other people’s stories outside of the circle. That means that the girls at the Circle will agree to not repeat what other girls have said. They could talk about what they did and what they said, but not share what others say.

(It’s good for you to know that if I have a concern for your health, I will speak to your mom and dad but I will let you know first that I am going to do that.) 

Are there any other rules?

We take turns speaking
Mistakes are O.K.
No negative self-talk or gossip 

We will chat about these at the first Circle and make sure we all understand what they mean. 

Is there anything else I should know? 
Yes. Girls Circles are about having fun with other girls. In them, we discover that we are not alone in all our thoughts and feelings. That other girls are having similar experiences and have similar questions about growing up, school, friends, parents, etc. In circle, we can be ourselves, learn and laugh. 

If we have more Circles together the topics may change. Some Girls Circles have decided to take on a project to work on, like raising money for a local organization and planning a session with their parents. Who knows where this may take us! 

If you feel a little nervous about coming, that is okay and normal. Below are a few comments girls have made about our time together

“When I first came here I was really scared because in the past I have had a hard time meeting new people. It was really nice to meet people that were my age and that were really nice and welcoming.” 

“My favorite part was pretty much everything. There wasn’t a dull moment of this camp. It was really fun to make art.”