Kenzie Synderman


What lead you to create Vata Mama?

Disappointment in my creative and work-related endeavors led me to the realization that I have a desire to enrich my life and the lives of others by writing, creating and playing. 

So, for my birthday last year I assigned myself the title of professional writer and mamapreneur, and with that declaration, my website Vata Mama was born. 

Vata Mama is currently the foundation I am using to plant my garden of professional offerings. At this point Vata Mama is a place for tracking my journey, sharing empowering and enjoyable resources and creating a platform for collaboration with other like-minded creatives.

What is your work and how does it connects to your inner purpose?

The work I do revolves around communication and empowerment. I write, I create, and I collaborate with others on projects that align with my bottom line beliefs. 

My moral compass points towards empowering communication, life-giving relationships, and designing a life that supports my greatest potential so that I can live a fulfilling and purpose driven life while helping others do the same. 

What brings me joy?

Playing with others 
Trying new things 
Supporting others in discovering their beauty and power

What does community mean to you?

Community means acceptance, support, and co-creation. It means appreciating the unique spirit and gift each individual has to offer. It means being challenged by each other in healthy and positive ways that help us to grow and understand ourselves better. It means laughing and playing together and creating movements, art, and tools that enable us to live in a world that supports our greatest desires and highest potential as individuals. 

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