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Spring Equinox Celebration

Please join me on a mindfulness walk through nature. We will meet on the open field in John’s Park (which is right pass the playgroup) and then walk to the start of the path together. Depending on the size of the group. We may break up into two groups or go as one. 

***Please make sure to bring high boots such as extra tuffs as part of our path is through the snow. 


”As we approach the Equinox, this symbolic day of equal day and night, we are once again reminded of the delicate need for balance. As we integrate the light and shadow aspects within ourselves and others and find the dance between them, we fine tune and harmonize our polarities.

This energy of integration exists in all of nature and reflects to us the give and pull, and the larger harmony inherent in the apparent chaos. What ultimately free us and helps us regain our balance, is the opening to the present moment in acceptance of all it holds.

This symbolic point of balance has been celebrated by out ancestors since the beginning of time. In cultures across our planet this period marks and initiation and symbolic integration of the forces of light and dark.” -mystic momma